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How can I get more customers?

If you’re asking yourself that, you’re probably a…
Startup founder
Or some sort of marketer…
10 years ago, we had no idea how to get customers either.

But since then we’ve:
Started companies.
Led marketing at companies.
Grown a indigenous concept into the biggest growth marketing platform.
To make millions of dollars in affiliate and software subscription revenue every month.

Why are we here?

“Facebook Ads are it. Run them and watch the money pile up!”
Or… “SEO is the answer to your problems.”
Or… “Webinars crush it!”
Or… “Spend your marketing budget on affiliate marketing!”

We’ve heard “experts” say stuff like this time and time again.

The real truth is: THAT’S ALL BULLSHIT.

Businesses aren’t one-size-fits-all. And neither is marketing.
In an endless sea of marketing tactics, you have to prioritize what’s right for your business. You can’t focus on everything.
We get amazing results like no one else because we’ve figured out a formula for prioritization.
There are a few tactics for every business that move the needle. We know how to find them.
And we’ll share that knowledge with you.

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Want us to help your business grow?

There are 3 ways we can help:

Hire us to do your marketing for you.
Try our 5-star rated SEO and content tool, XITY and other Industry specific platforms.
You can always reach out at contactus@ornda.com. We get a lot of emails, but we try to reply to every message within a few days.

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